Mrs Joy Pullman, Dr. Gifford Grobien, Dr. Benjamin Mayes on Issues Etc.

Joy Pullman

The Republican Party and Paid Leave

Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission Drops Charges Against Baker; Federal School Choice

Universal Child Care

Women’s Federal Paid Leave

The Feminist Life Script

A Report Card On Common Core

A Recent Survey On Political Correctness

Social Media Reactions to the Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

Suppression of a Study on the Intelligence of Women and Men

Politicizing Math

New Study On Government Preschool Programs

The Progressive Double Standard for Small Business Owners

California’s Common Core Math Results

The Anti-Conservative Bias in U.S. History Text Books

Statewide Teacher’s Strike

The Disneyfication of Sacred Art

The Consequences of Fostering an Anti-Male Culture

Freedom of Speech and the Media

Hilary Clinton on the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Serena Williams On Pregnancy and Womanhood

Mixed Messages from the Supreme Court on Religious Liberty and Education

Millennial Self-Care and Narcissism

Evergreen State College and Progressivism

DeVoss on School Choice

Charles Murray Appears Before Congress

A New Report On Public Schools

Samantha Bee and American Pop-Evangelicalism

Closing Schools for “Day Without a Woman” Strike

Millennials and Death

The Clash of Transgender and Feminist Ideologies

The Trivialization of “American Girl” Dolls

Repealing of Common Core

Abortion and the Adoption Option

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Statement about Historically Black Colleges

Pro-Transgender Regulations Issued by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission

A Saturday Night Live Skit and the Women’s March on Washington and the New Civics

Dr. Gifford Grobien

Sex, Love, and Fulfillment

Natural Law and Martin Luther

Dr. Benjamin Mayes

Priestly Celibacy During the Reformation

Modern Myths About Martin Luther and Vocation

Is Jesus in Exodus?

Martin Luther and Baptism

Reformation Confessor: Johann Gerhard

Johann Gerhard: The Birth of Jesus

The Lutheran Reformers & God’s Law, and 17th Century Theologian Johann Gerhard

Sexual Sins

Sexual Temptation

Luther’s Christmas Sermons

A Lutheran Approach to Biblical Interpretation

Martin Luther on John 20:19-23

Martin Luther on John 19:31-35

Martin Luther on John 18:19-24

The Trinity

Listening to God’s Voice

Separation of Church and State versus the Two Kingdoms

Holy Cross Day

The Church