There has never been anyone more Lutheran than Luther. We follow his teachings. Read him. Read his sermons, his commentaries, and his dinner conversation. Learn the rubrics he followed, the Lectionary he knew, and the collects he prayed. Contrary to popular opinion there is a definable “Lutheran” way of doing things. We are the Church of the Western Rite. Luther’s Latin Mass is the standard. The Common Service is our heritage. It isn’t perfect, but it is Lutheran. You may not always be able to get away with it. You may even think you can improve it. You may have to modify it to fit your situation. But if you know what the rubrics are and how it was done in the 16th century, then you know what it is to be Lutheran and can adjust. Always beware of innovation and men who are seeking to leave a liturgical memorial to themselves. Be suspicious of anything from the East, the early Church, or modern Evangelicalism. Know what your heritage really is so that you can discern the fads that are always amongst us.