The best advice I’ve ever been given was given to me by my father-in-law, the Rev. Earl Elowsky. He had been given the same by his now sainted predecessor, the Rev. Herman Loesel. He has given me other good advice, too, more from Loesel and some of his own. I wish I would have followed, and would follow, it more closely. But despite my lacking effort, I am thankful to God for all of it. Here is the best: Believe your own preaching.

That thought is repeated quite a bit in the preceding nuggets. It is also behind a lot of other advice I have given. Like all Truth, it is easier to say than it is to do. And like all good advice it is easier to give than it is to follow.

That being said, thanks for reading. I hope you found something worthwhile in this foolishness. I hope you’ll also forgive me for so often failing to heed my own advice, and for making even graver errors than those listed here, both in pastoral practice and in charity.