Call, Vicarage, and Deaconess Intern Placement Service

Tonight, Concordia Theological Seminary will hold its Call, Vicarage, and Deaconess Intern Placement Service. This replaces the two services that are normally held, one for calls and one for placements.

Redeemer is being assigned a vicar, who will receive that placement tonight. In addition, a number of men who attend Redeemer will be receiving calls or placements, including our field worker, Aaron Schultz, and our former field worker, Mark Kranz.

You can watch the service here. It begins at 7:00 tonight. The seminary page also has pictures of the candidates and, after the service, will indicate where they are going. Tomorrow we will publish a list of those who attend Redeemer and the churches that they will be going to.

Please keep these students in your prayers as they prepare to move on to this next phase of their lives.

Things going on around here

We know that some of you are wondering where the signups for next weekend are. Right now the stay-at-home order is set to expire on May 1. We are waiting to see what the governor does this week and will make plans for the weekend as soon as we know something definite.

In the meantime, we thought we would share some pictures with you. Last week, Allied Mechanical, along with some volunteers from the congregation, took out the old air handlers that nearly filled the janitor’s closets on each floor. Today the new HVAC equipment arrived, and Allied will begin installing it.

One of the old blowers. These things were massive!
The new equipment arrives.
The new high-efficiency units for the main floor.

More suggested readings

Because the current schedule of readings is about finished, Pastor Petersen has come up with a new one for us. He is suggesting reading a chapter of Acts a day. The schedule is below.

Sun Apr 26 Acts 1

Mon Apr 27 Acts 2

Tue Apr 28 Acts 3

Wed Apr 29 Acts 4

Thu Apr 30 Acts 5

Fri May 1 Acts 6

Sat May 2 Acts 7

Sun May 3 Acts 8

Mon May 4 Acts 9

Tue May 5 Acts 10

Wed May 6 Acts 11

Thu May 7 Acts 12

Fri May 8 Acts 13

Sat May 9 Acts 14

Sun May 10 Acts 15

Mon May 11 Acts 16

Tue May 12 Acts 17

Wed May 13 Acts 18

Thu May 14 Acts 19

Fri May 15 Acts 20

Thu May 16 Acts 21

Fri May 17 Acts 22

Sat May 18 Acts 23

Sun May 19 Acts 24

Mon May 20 Acts 25

Tue May 21 Acts 26

Wed May 22 Acts 27

Thu May 23 Acts 28

Communion services reinstated

Good Friday
April 10, 2020 11:00 am.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I am sorry for all the confusion and changes in our services. We are reinstating our communion services with strict conformance to the CDC guidelines and the aid of sign up genius. Please note: the building is locked. We will not allow more than 10 people in the building at a time. Please wait in your car, at least one parking space away from any other cars, until 5 minutes before your service time when you will be let in. Maintain distance while entering the building and throughout the service. Keep track of everything you touch so that it can be cleaned with disinfectant immediately. Use the hand sanitizer while in the building and avoid touching your face. Please only use the bathrooms in the building if absolutely necessary and make sure the pastor knows that you used it so that everything (doorknobs, etc) can be disinfected. The CDC also recommends wearing a face mask while in our building with other people.

Why all the confusion? Last night, after the Maundy Thursday service, I was shown the Governor’s latest guidance in the midst of this pandemic for churches on a phone. I misread and misunderstood what he said. I mistakenly thought that he was forbidding us to meet at all or to have Holy Communion and in response we cancelled our communion services for the weekend. He was not. As many of you noted, and which Pastor Frese and I confirmed with others, he was only issuing guidance for drive-in worship services. This is more clear if you read his order on the governor’s webpage from a full browser and not on a phone. It also more clear if you read what he said exactly instead of relying on any newsource’s summary of what he said. Even in regard to drive-in or drive-through services, which we are not having, he did not issue another executive order but was only giving suggestions. He actually restated yesterday that we could have services, in accordance with current CDC guidelines, of 10 or fewer people. Thus we are reinstating things as they were, in accordance with the executive orders.

We urge everyone to take all precautions. Do not make unnecessary trips and stay at home as much as possible. No one should feel pressured to come to our services. Our services are not risk-free. We are taking more precautions than the CDC requires but we cannot guarantee a germ-free environment. If you are risk averse or high risk or for any reason do not feel comfortable gathering in groups of 10 at the Church or receiving Holy Communion by the mouth at this time, please do not do so. God will sustain your faith by His Word and none of us will judge you for this.

This all could change again. We will attempt, always, to respond appropriately and quickly as God gives wisdom. Please pay close attention to the news announcements from Redeemer’s webpage.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Petersen