Strategic Planning for the FamilyRev. Michael Frese
We know that the Right Hand Kingdom of God, how He operates by the Gospel, informs our daily lives as we live as baptized children of God. But the Left hand Kingdom of God, how He operates through the laws, principles, and powers of this world, also inform us in our daily lives. There are laws that govern us every day—laws of nature, the economy of our country, the principles of education, communication, relationships, etc. I argue in this sectional that the principles typically found in the business world can inform how our families can operate in God-pleasing ways.

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah: A Study of 1st PeterRev. Michael Frese
Christ, our substitute, has saved us by suffering and dying in our place. One of the Old Testament pictures of the Messiah, the Suffering Servant, helps us understand how St. Peter gives comfort as he addresses the Christians in his first epistle to the Church.

Cultivating a Deeper Appreciation of the Psalms Rev. David Petersen  
This sectional will seek to deepen the participants understanding of the nuances of Hebrew poetry and how that plays into not only understanding Psalms at a deeper level but also how it is informs and encourages meditation. This sectional can stand alone but what is learned here will be applied in a practical way in the later sectional on Psalms 23 and 137.

 Meditating on Psalms 23 and 137 Rev. David Petersen
This sectional will take a look at what might be considered the easiest and most familiar of the entire Psalter alongside of what might be the most difficult. Special emphasis will be placed upon poetic structure as a tool for understanding and on the function of poetry in general and the specific devices of the Psalms 23 and 137 This sectional will also discuss meditation of these particular psalms. The earlier workshop on Cultivating a Deeper Appreciation of the Psalms is not a pre-requisite but could be useful.

How to Think Like a Christian Matthew Garnett
As Christians, Holy Scripture should take primacy in how we conduct our lives.  But does it?  In this sectional, we’ll explore how to recognize in ourselves and others when emotion and reason are taking priority over God’s word.  We’ll see how Post-Modernism distorts Scripture with emotion and “lived experience”, how Modernists distort the bible with reason, and how we as Christians can avoid both errors.

“Why Be Lutheran?”  Matthew Garnett   
Come find out from someone who has tried about every religion available why Confessional Lutheranism is the only choice.  Why go to the School of Hard Knocks yourself when you can attend a sectional taught by someone with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks?  Here, you’ll learn that – despite what the world thinks – you’re not foolish for being Lutheran.

Women’s Round Table – Jane Casey
This is an opportunity for women to bring their thoughts and questions on a range of subjects, like: Parenting issues. The last good book we read. Dealing with phases of life. Juggling the many hats we wear. Frugality. Educational choices. Finding a spouse for oneself or a loved one. Life in a church family. Jane will be prepared with some thoughts if the group starts out quiet. And there will be chocolate.

Leading Hymns from the Organ Bench (or Piano) Rev. Dr. Daniel Reuning
Primarily for piano and/or organ students, but anyone aspiring to be an organist or is simply curious about what it is that an organist does to encourage hearty congregational singing in the service of proclaiming the Gospel.  We will discuss how one determines tempo (pulse or tactus) and the skills that convey that tempo, such as how a hymn is introduced, and how each stanza is concluded predictably.  We will discuss skills that reinforce the melody and how variety of sound is achieved from stanza to stanza through changes in registration and textures.  Kantor Reuning will demonstrate all of the above at the organ, and time permitting piano/organ student volunteers may enjoy trying some of these out with him there to coach them.

Is College Worth It for My Daughter (or Son)? Dr. & Mrs. Jason & Emily Thompson
Some people will tell you that everyone needs a college degree. Others will tell you that, if your daughter plans to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, a college degree is a waste of time and money. Dr. and Mrs. Thompson share over two decades of college from the student perspective and nearly two decades of experience teaching at a private Christian university. This sectional won’t tell you which choices are right, but it will arm you with more knowledge to make informed decisions.

The Work of Hope for the Destitute – Monica Ochola
This year we are taking a special offering to help support Hope for the Destitute, and as part of our activities the children will be making cards for the kids at their school in Kenya. Monica will speak about the work they are doing and how you can help.


 Mrs. Jane Casey is a wife of 32 years, retired homeschooling mother of four grown-ups, grandma of seven, (so far), voracious reader, occasional writer, & church secretary at Redeemer.

Rev. Michael N. Frese earned a B.A. from Concordia University, Seward, in 1997. He completed the Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary in 2002, having spent one of those years at the seminary in Oberursel, Germany. While studying for his Masters of Sacred Theology, which he completed in 2004, he stayed at CTSFW as a graduate assistant for the Systematics Department. He served as a parish pastor in Adell, Wisconsin, and a Military Chaplain (Active-duty Army) before accepting the call to become Associate Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran. Pr. Frese still serves as a Military Chaplain as the Wing Chaplain of the 122nd Fighter Wing in the Air National Guard in Fort Wayne. He is also the owner and operator of Emmanuel Press. He and his wife Janet have three children.

Mr. Matthew Garnett is the husband of Jennifer, the father of two children, a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, truck driver, and host of the “In Layman’s Terms” podcast.

Rev. David H. Petersen has been Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church since 2000. He earned a B.S. in History from Central Michigan University as well as Master of Divinity, Master of Sacred Theology, and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne.  In addition to his pastoral duties he is also an editor of Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy, where he writes on the life and liturgy of the Church. He has been married to Jacqui for 30 years and they have three grown children.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Reuning has served Redeemer Lutheran Church as its Kantor since 1988.  After completing his Seminary education, he attended the School of Sacred Music at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where in 1962 he earned a Masters degree in Church Music, with concentrations in choral conducting, organ performance, and liturgy.  As a pastor, Rev. Reuning has served a parish in New York City (1960-1962) and in rural Connecticut (1962-1968).  Then from 1968-1999 he taught at Concordia Theological Seminary, serving as Professor of Liturgy, Dean of the Chapel, and Director of Choral Music.  In 2001 he received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Illinois, with concentrations in sacred choral repertory and conducting. In 2002 he founded the Bach Collegium—Fort Wayne, a baroque music ensemble of 40 singers and 15 early instrumentalists, and this fall he begins his 16th season as its artistic director.  As a conductor, Dr. Reuning has conducted more than 50 Bach cantatas, all the major works of J. S. Bach, and many works by other early music composers.  His passion, whether at the organ bench or on the conductor’s podium, is leading church music that proclaims the Gospel.

Dr. Jason Thompson is a professional conductor and violinist. He has been teaching music at Indiana Wesleyan University for twelve years. He has a bachelor’s degree in violin and conducting from Indiana University, a masters in orchestral conducting from Bowling Green State University, and holds a Doctor of Music in Early Music from Indiana University.

Mrs. Emily Thompson is a professional violinist and music teacher. She taught music at Indiana Wesleyan University for five years and maintains a studio of pre-college students. Emily was homeschooled through high school; she has a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Music in Early Music from Indiana University. They are the parents of two boys, John & Luke.