Do I really need to register?
Yes. We have been at capacity for the last several years, and have had to turn people away.

Can I come alone, without my family, or as a single man/woman?
Yes. And you won’t be alone, because others often come without families. The same goes for coming without Dad, etc.

Can I come for one night or event or session or one of the meals?
Yes. You can come for whatever you want. We do ask you to let us know if you plan to drop in for a meal.

Can I leave early or arrive late?

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, and snacks are encouraged. Specific information about menus will be emailed to registered attendees, and we ask you to let us know if you don’t plan to eat the group meals.

Can I skip a session and just hang out with my friends?

Can I go to more than one sectional at a time?
Well, I suppose. I mean, we don’t have a rule against it. But I am not sure how you’ll pull that off.

Can I bring a baby?

What if my baby cries? Will I miss the whole thing?
The entire retreat is designed for families. That means there will be a lot of babies, small children, and teenagers around. The nursery will be available at all times, though it not staffed at all times. It is okay to sit in a sectional bouncing a baby on your knee. Some moms, dads, older siblings, uncles, etc., will miss things because the baby is napping or fussy or needs to be changed, but we expect that those people won’t be alone in the nursery, and there will be benefit in that time also.

Will there be something for everyone in our family?
We expect all ages to play together, learn together, and worship together. There are optional kids’ activities, but kids are welcome to stay with their parents. Some sectionals will be targeted for specific groups or ages (for instance, we will have sectionals aimed at teens, pastors, or moms, along with those of more general interest), but everything else will be family-oriented.

How do you choose sectional presenters?
We choose sectional presenters  from among those who are attending, as well as local pastors, and members of the congregation. If you would like to do a sectional, please let us know.

How can this cost so little?
How can we take your entire family for just $175? By not having any paid staff, getting the space donated by Redeemer, not paying for preachers or sectional leaders, but using volunteers, and by the extra generosity of many attendees. We are grateful to have these resources, to be able to do this, and to share it with you.

If there is a question that you would like to know the answer to, please email secretary@redeemerfortwayne.org.