Bach Collegium

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, is pleased to join our Kantor, the Reverend Dr. Daniel Reuning, in hosting The Bach Collegium – Fort Wayne, this area’s only early music choral and instrumental ensemble. If you enjoy hearing professional musicians perform some of the most sublimely spiritual music our world has ever known, follow the link above. You will surely find The Bach Collegium’s concerts inspiring!

What distinguishes The Bach Collegium from conventional ensemble groups is its …

  • dedication to J.S. Bach as its model composer,
  • roster of more than 40 accomplished singers and 16 skilled instrumentalists,
  • use of period instruments and adherence to period performance practices,
  • seeking out musicians wherever they may be found who are highly adept at playing period instruments,
  • selection of performance venues conducive to the unique sound of the Baroque style, and
  • careful blending of voices and instruments to produce a sound much like that Bach and his contemporaries would have heard.

The Bach Collegium – Fort Wayne has been called “one of the finest blended ensembles in the area.”

You can learn more about this extraordinary musical organization and its concert schedule by visiting We heartily encourage you to do so.