Darts Tournament Fundraiser for Redeemer Classical School

There will be a darts tournament fundraiser for the school on Saturday, October 21. If you would like to donate items for the raffle or would like to obtain a donation from a business that you patronize, please contact Jane Casey or email secretary.redeemer@gmail.com. (We have a letter that many businesses will want if they are donating that can also assist in getting donations.) There are also opportunities to sponsor one of the dart boards–$150 for one in the main room or $100 for one in the secondary room–or to help in other ways.
And of course we hope that you will come and take part and invite your family and friends to join you! Admission for players will be $15. That includes an entry into the tournament, a ticket for a beer or root beer, snacks, one raffle ticket, and lots of good company! Non-players are admitted for free. Hot dogs will be available for purchase.