SignUpGenius issues and answers

We’ve had a few questions and issues pop up with the SignUpGenius. Here are a few common things we’ve heard.

It will only let me sign up for one seat. Sometimes this is happening. Other times it lets you pick a number from a drop down list. I have not been able to find any reason why it works this way. If it does this, you should be able to go in and edit your own signup. At that point it will let you add people up to the number of seats available in that service. If you can’t get it to work, email or text Jane. Please don’t sign up for one spot and then comment that there will be more people there.

It says there are seven seats available, but it will only let me add four. When this is happening it is usually because someone else is signing up for the same time slots at the same time. I can see it happening. If this happens, wait a few minutes and see if the service has filled up. If not, add your other people.

I signed up and now my name’s not there. Unfortunately, we have had a couple of time slots that have randomly deleted. Again, we aren’t sure why. We aren’t doing it! If this happens to you, please sign up for another time.

How often can I sign up? Our aim is for everyone who wishes to, and is well, to be able to be here once a week. We are adding services as needed to make that possible.

Feel free to contact Jane via email or text with any issues. Her email address is in every bulletin and at the bottom right hand corner of the website pages and her phone number is in the directory.