Message from Pastor Petersen

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: you can find updates about what Redeemer is doing at our news page. You can also sign up on the right hand side of the page for e-mail notifications when it is updated (on mobile devices the sign up will be at the bottom).

We are offering the Sacrament by sign up to groups of fewer than 10. You do not need to be on our paper roster. We still practice closed communion, but this is not only for “official members.” Seminary students and others are most welcome.

If the idea of coming makes you nervous at all, don’t come and don’t feel guilty. This is not for everyone. Some need to stay home because they might have been exposed or are not feeling well. Some need to stay home because their consciences are bound and they think that is the best practice. Some don’t know what to believe about what is best and are nervous. All those people should stay home and not feel any pressure from us. Let us not judge one another harshly in these strange times but walk in love.

If you desire the Sacrament, please sign up here: We are taking extra and extreme precautions with regard to cleanliness and to staying at least six feet apart from the tiny groups that gather. Do not worry about taking a seat! We can add more and are glad to do so but we will only add as they services fill.

None of this should make you feel guilty or pressured. Do what is best for your family with the information you have. Trust in God. He will bless those who act in faith and trust in Him. So also please continue to avail yourself of the livestream and the Redeemer Youtube channel. Do not feel as though you have to make your young children sit through it all straight through! Break it up or just watch those parts together that they can participate in or understand (Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Bible readings, Sermon, etc.) Again: do not feel guilty but use as is best for you.

You can also subscribe to Redeemer’s channel and sign up for notifications. We expect to keep having something every single day. If you need anything, please call us. Pastor Frese and I have been phoning every family but aren’t to everyone yet. If we already called you and you still want to talk, call. If we haven’t called yet and you want to talk, call. God bless you. Rejoice. It is Laetare. God is good. Christ is risen. We live in Him and this life, at is best or its worst, is but temporary.