Congregational Notices for Week of Pentecost, 2017

Team B, Captain Krissy Lagemann, will be cleaning this week.

The May Newsletter is available in the narthex and here online.

The first two stained glass windows have been replaced.  We will continue to raise money for the rest of the repair.

Special Prayer Requests: Cynthia Ridley; Kim Stein; Ben Mattison; Martha Hume; Bev Dilling; Dale Steinke; Amy Gerdts; Maureen DeLassus; Susie Kessler; Jean Dray; Willie Schwartz; Jon and Ele Sullivan; Oscar Matter; Ed Maxwell; Ed McClure; Joan Holzmer; Jim Steinke; Mark Crouch; Emma Casey; Emily Hercamp; Emily Cockran; Alena Casey; the people of Manchester, England.

Mark Your Calendars: 

  • June 8 – Winston Grieser’s Ordination
  • August 1-3 – Family Retreat