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Redeemer Back in Full Swing – August News Letter Below!

Redeemer News

August 2017

(Download/ Print in MS Word Here: Redeemer News August )

Sunday School resumes September 10. Everyone will gather in the undercroft

-The Welcome Brunch for the seminary families is September 10 at noon. We will be serving a variety of egg casseroles and breakfast pastries, and fruit. Please talk to Jane Casey if you are willing to help. (

– Because of the brunch, the church council will meet on September 17

-On August 27, Winston Grieser is being installed as pastor at Abiding Faith Lutheran Church in Florence, Kentucky. There is an invitation to the Installation and the dinner following on the bulletin board. They will be held at Receptions Banquet and Conference Center in Erlanger, Kentucky. At 3:30 p.m. If you plan to attend, they ask that you RSVP to

– On October 7, we will have a fall work day. There will be projects both inside and outside of the church

– All Saints Day 2017, which we will be observing on November 5, will mark the 125th Anniversary of Redeemer Lutheran Church.  The Rev. Dr. Wallace Schulz, former Lutheran Hour speaker, will be preaching that Sunday. We will also have a potluck after church. More special events are being planned for the anniversary year

– In celebration of the 125th anniversary, we are bringing back the sauerkraut supper this year. It will be on Friday evening, October 20. Be watching for more details

-Join us to play darts the third Saturday night of each month in the undercroft. Adults and teens are welcome. If you don’t really want to play, but would like to come and socialize, that’s fine, too! Talk to Pastor Petersen for more information, or look for “Redeemer Darts” on Facebook

-Speaking of darts, on September 23 we will be having a dart competition to raise funds for the Matters. $15 will get you into the games, plus pizza, snacks, one beer, and one raffle ticket. Additional beer and raffle tickets will be available for purchase. There will also be a lower-cost option for those who would like to come and hang out, but not play darts

-Thank you to everyone who has contributed generously to help the Matter family. In addition to the donations of friends and family, we received a $5,000 grant from the LC-MS to help with their expenses

-On October 1, there will be a city-wide Reformation service at St. Paul’s downtown at 3:00 p.m. It will be followed by a time of fellowship, food, and drink. Redeemer has contributed to help support the event, so go! Enjoy the service, the fellowship, the food, and the beer

– Thank you to everyone who helped with the Family Retreat! Planning is already under way for next year, which will be our 10th annual retreat.


– On Sunday, August 13 we dedicated our newly renovated Luther Room. The room was done with funds from Mark Johnston, as well as donations and help from Pastor Petersen& Jacqui, Kantor Reuning, Maureen DeLassus, Colin & Jane Casey, Kristine Lagemann, Angie Crouch, Carol Rutz, Ron & Effie Sheron, and Nathaniel Pullmann.

– Pastor Petersen’s Bible Class on Sunday mornings meets in the undercroft. They will be moving through John’s Gospel until September. Everyone is welcome. Pastor Frese leads a Sunday morning adult Bible Class in the meeting room in the administration building. This study’s focus is the “Sunday School” Bible Stories you learned as a child, covering the major events and characters that are leading to God’s fulfilled promise of a Savior. This discussion-format environment allows us to explore the basic biblical doctrine in these accounts, along with basic Lutheran doctrine drawn from them. Questions and comments from participants are welcomed. Involvement by participants is fluid between Pastor Frese’s and Pastor Petersen’s classes. Feel free to jump back and forth as you want.

– The work on Redeemer Classical School is continuing. The fence around the courtyard on Harrison St. is almost finished, and work continues to get the classrooms ready to go. We want to thank all of you who have devoted time to helping us. If you are interested in helping in the future, please let Joy or Nathaniel know and we will certainly find something for you to do. As always, if you know anyone who has children who might be interested in our school, do send them our way.  at

– Keep an eye on the website. Matthew Garnett and Emily Thompson are both helping with various aspects of it, and we are adding more features. Soon you will be able to access the directory in a password protected part of the site.

-The new video equipment is in and Redeemer’s services are being recorded. They are available on YouTube. You can enter the following in your browser to go straight to Redeemer’s page: or go to and search for Redeemer Fort Wayne. If you subscribe to the channel you will receive notifications af new videos and live streaming.

-The hearing loop has been installed in the sanctuary.

-Preliminary information from the end of the fiscal year:  While spending came in at 106.6% of budget, that was balanced by giving at 107.9% of budget. Once again this year, we have ended in the black, and with all dedicated funds fully funded.



“Christian Wisdom: Luther’s Life and Theology as seen in the Catechisms” Begins September 12th

Luther’s Life and Theology as seen in the Catechisms

Beginning on Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm will offer the latest installment of our ongoing in-depth Bible classes entitled “Christian Wisdom.”

The classes are offered every Fall and Spring and last for just 10 weeks each. They are taught at the level of a community college course and expect the participants to do some reading and thinking outside of class. This Fall’s offering will focus on Luther’s life and theology as seen in the Catechisms. Participants will be given a copy of Luther’s small and large catechisms for the class for free. They will then be given assigned readings each week from those books and also from the book of Galatians.

The classes on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 will be a blend of lecture, discussion, and interactive activities meant to supplement and deepen understanding of the readings. The classes will be taught by Rev. David H. Petersen, Redeemer’s senior pastor.  As a supplement to the course this Fall, students will be invited to come enjoy some free pizza and view the 2003 Luther movie starring Joseph Fienes on Friday, September 15, 6:30 pm.

The class and books are free but registration is required.

For more information: 

By Phone: (260) 744-2585 

By Email

To Register, complete the form below: 

About the instructor:

Rev. Petersen is a popular speaker and preacher throughout the Missouri Synod. He has an STM from Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, maintains a busy speaking and writing schedule, and is currently enrolled in the D. Min program at CTS.

Fundraiser for Ritzman’s Return to Papua New Guinea

The Ladies Aid will be hosting a fundraiser lunch for the Ritzmans before their return to Papua New Guinea.  It will be next Sunday July 30th at noon.  The menu will be sloppy joes or a hot dog, baked beans, and winter slaw.  Adults will be $6, kids 12 and under $3.  Extra sloppy joes can be purchased for $3 and extra hot dogs for $2.  We will also have the almost-world-famous Ragin’ Cajun bread pudding available for purchase for dessert.

Big News at Redeemer This Week!

Fantastic Things Happening at Redeemer!

  • The “Hearing Loop” has been installed!  This is a device that has been installed in the nave which allows those with hearing aids to tap directly into the sound system.  Sound complicated?  It’s not!  If you have questions about how to access this service, please see Pr Frese, Matthew Garnett, or Alex Schultz.


  • The parking lot looks like a parking lot and not a patch-work quilt!  As you’ll see next time you attend Redeemer for services, the parking lot is all paved and ready to go!


  • The “Martin Luther Room” is complete!  (Thank you Effie!)  What used to be the main-floor meeting room is now officially “The Martin Luther Room” – complete with portraits of the great Reformer, his lovely bride, Katie Luther and others.  Here we have also stored copies of “Luther’s Works” from which you can borrow in order to enhance your understanding of Lutheran theology.  Also, new tables have been placed in the room to enhance its beauty.  Be sure to check it out!


  • If you haven’t heard already, we have begun live streaming and recording Redeemer Sunday Divine Services to the world!  Have a go at those on our official Redeemer You Tube Channel.    

Visitation and Funeral for Mike Matter

Visitation will be here at the church on Thursday, June 15, from 2:00-7:00 pm and also one hour prior to the service on Friday. The funeral will be at 11:00 am Friday, June 16th.  As a reminder, we are collecting funds for the Matter family and you can send a check or use our PayPal link.

Congregational Notices for Week of Pentecost, 2017

Team B, Captain Krissy Lagemann, will be cleaning this week.

The May Newsletter is available in the narthex and here online.

The first two stained glass windows have been replaced.  We will continue to raise money for the rest of the repair.

Special Prayer Requests: Cynthia Ridley; Kim Stein; Ben Mattison; Martha Hume; Bev Dilling; Dale Steinke; Amy Gerdts; Maureen DeLassus; Susie Kessler; Jean Dray; Willie Schwartz; Jon and Ele Sullivan; Oscar Matter; Ed Maxwell; Ed McClure; Joan Holzmer; Jim Steinke; Mark Crouch; Emma Casey; Emily Hercamp; Emily Cockran; Alena Casey; the people of Manchester, England.

Mark Your Calendars: 

  • June 8 – Winston Grieser’s Ordination
  • August 1-3 – Family Retreat