Solemn Vespers

Thank you to the Indiana Wesleyan University Early Music Ensemble and their director, Dr. Jason Thompson, for the beautiful music at our Solemn Vespers. You can find a copy of the bulletin here.

You can listen to it at our Ustream page under the Worship tab on our website.

The Preacher was Rev. David Petersen, and the organist was Dr. Daniel Reuning.

Congratulations to Pastor Frese!

Pastor Frese, war Veteran and purple heart recipient, besides serving as our pastor, also serves as the Wing Chaplain for the 122nd Fighter Wing, Fort Wayne, Indiana in the Indiana Air National Guard. He was named yesterday, out of approximately 300 chaplains nationwide, as the 2015 Outstanding Air National Guard (ANG) Chaplain (Samuel Stone Award).

Good Friday Tre Ore

Tre Ore means “Three Hours”

From 12:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. we will have three consecutive, separate services that can be attended straight through or individually, as you have time for.

The first hour (12:00 p.m.) is the Liturgy of the Catechumens with the sung Passion from St. John’s Gospel, Sermon, and Bidding Prayer.

The second hour (1:15 p.m.) is the Liturgy of the Holy Communion with the Adoration of the Cross, the Reproaches, and the Pange Lingua Glroioso (Hymn: Sing my Tongue).

The third hour (2:15 p.m.) is the Order of Vespers with sermon.

Those serving include:
The Reverend Douglas Punke, Zion Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne (Passion and Reproaches)
The Reverend David Petersen, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne (Preacher and Vespers Liturgist)
The Reverend Michael Frese, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne (Celebrant and Vespers Preacher)
The Reverend Doctor Daniel Reuning, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne (Kantor)
The Reverend Professor Robert Roethemeyer, Concordian Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (Deacon)
The Redeemer Parish Choir (Passion)